Connections Classroom

Our Connections Program classroom focuses on transition and vocation skills. The Program was created to allow high school students to begin their transition into the workplace. This interactive program is directed by an Intervention Specialist and Paraprofessional who teach academics, work on IEP goals, and begin the transition to adult living. Embracing Autism accepts the Ohio Autism and Jon Peterson Scholarship or private contract payment for Connections Program.

"Ready to Work!" Expedition Learning Targets:

  1. I will be able to describe my strengths, interests, and hobbies.
  2. I will be able to research careers that interest me and set realistic vocational goals.
  3. I will understand (state/list) the importance of having a good attitude at work and know what it takes to be prepared for the task.
  4. I will understand (state/list) what it takes to be a great employee.
  5. I will understand (state/list) what to do when I make a mistake on the job.
  6. I will know how to handle criticism on the job.
  7. I will interact positively with supervisors and co-workers and strive to become part of the work team.

Companies where our students volunteer to gain valuable vocational experience:

  • Community Computer Alliance - disassembly of used electronics
  • Our Cup Cakery - assembly of cupcake/cake boxes
  • Mid Ohio Food Bank - repack, sorting, packaging goods
  • Broad Street Food Pantry - shopping assistant, restocking

Friday is our day for activities, such as - Columbus Art Museum, Motts Military Museum, Magic Mountain, Columbus Zoo, Clay Cafe, and many more.

The student demonstrated many positive developments since the last observation one year ago.

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