Supported Living

    Supported Living services include:

  • Supervision and Oversight
  • Medication Administration
  • Behavior Support
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Socialization
  • Community Integration
  • Transportation








Supported Living's mission is to provide in-home care to support, educate, and encourage individuals of all abilities to reach their full potential. We serve children and adults, at any stage in life, to assist in achieving established goals. Programming can be funded through Level One Waiver, I/O Waiver, SELF Waiver and/or private contract payment.

All of our Direct Support Professionals undergo a full week of orientation including First Aid, CPR, MUI training, and Medical Administration Certification. In addition to general direct support service training, each employee will be certified through PATHS, a state-licensed training entity, in Autism Spectrum Disorders by actively participating in a 6-hour education course. The PATHS curriculum is designed to provide employees with a broad range of characteristics that are part of the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and help them recognize a variety of supports that they can employ to meet specific needs and enhance the special interests of individuals they support.

Each Direct Support Professional is educated through a 2-hour parent-directed presentation during orientation week. This ensures a comprehensive perspective on autism and families and how their work will create a positive impact to those served. We believe that education, communication, and parents' insight and perspective are vital in providing a quality service.